15 febrero 2017

London is closer !!!!!

                 2nd step into our project:

Why have we chosen this topic? The reason is simple:Our trip at the end of the academic year.
London is the specific interest of all students.
And this is the driving question: How much do we know about this amazing city?

Here we are in the computer room....exploring and investigating...learning skills that are crucial for the driving question.


08 febrero 2017

"Better late than Never"

               Advertising and the impact of publicity on people.

   "   First step into our project this term "             4th year ESO students

    Working in the English class and discovering London at the same time.This is our main objective this term.Our final trip is coming closer and we will be ready for it soon.Walking,driving,hanging around in London is the key to our project.Here you have some pictures of the starting point:
Deciding the title of the final outcome.The most voted one:"London Dream".

07 noviembre 2016

Willkommen in Spanien!!

Recién llegadas de Viena, donde han estado durante mes y medio, nuestras alumnas Marga, Laura y Ana, relatan sus experiencias a sus compañeros de 4º ESO B.

Según sus propias palabras: Ha sido la mejor experiencia de nuestras vidas hasta el momento.

Activity: Irregular verbs ....

Why do students hate that terrible list and are so reluctant to learn them? We have tried with a different and colourful activity.

Students have designed their own learning material and here is the final outcome:
  • First, they were assigned a verb form and given a sheet of paper. They were divided in three goups: infinitives,pasts and Past participles.
  • Second, they drew and coloured them. Some of them are quite creative and original. The main objective: To get used to them, to read them, write them and work in groups.
  • Third, students from blue class gave us a helping hand.They laminated all the cards so that they can be used and manipulated by all grades with no harm.

Now we can play cards and learn at the same time. According to students opinions, they feel happy and enthusiastic when playing and ....most important...they are learning!!


08 septiembre 2016

Camino de Austria

Como novedad, este curso, tres alumnas de 4º ESO comenzarán sus estudios en otro centro, en otro pais. Laura Acevedo; Margarita Campos; y Ana Piñeiro partirán la próxima semana hacia Viena, donde permanecerán durante 6 semanas en el seno de otras tantas familias de acogida.

Durante dicho periodo, además sumergirse en la cultura y modo de vida de un país foráneo, asistirán a las clases, en inglés y alemán, en el Gymnasium Sacre Coeur Wien. Este intercambio es posible gracias a pertenecer a nuestra Red de Colegios presentes en los cinco continentes,  que facilitan el intercambio de alumn@s y profesores.

07 junio 2016

Healthy lifestyle!

Have a look at our fresh market and supermarket!!!!

First ESO students have been working on vocabulary about food,drinks etc.As a result here you have the display shown at school as a "Real Stall Market".

Kids under 6s visited us and learnt a lot.We had a lot of fun !
We have also experienced about the different smell of fresh  vegetables and the healthy they are.