30 marzo 2017

Writing cooperatively

 Second year students writing a formal letter of invitation. They seem to be enjoying the task and working enthusiastically.


Pictures about our Project "London Dream"

Just as we promised, the pictures are here for you to have a glance at them !

 Tourist guide  for visitors

    Students taking the test about essential London

 Original suggestions for the top ten attractions in London

Official  Guides


29 marzo 2017

Coming to the end of the Porject

The final step to finish the Project about London.
Students have been working on their final outcome and here there are some pictures which illustrate their work.

According to the students' opinions, it has been an interesting,enjoyable and different way of getting closer to the  British culture, traditions, schedules and practical information to avoid getting lost in such an amazing city.

Monday, they are packing and leaving to this multicultural European capital and we are sure that it will be the best way to strenghthen their speaking abilities and competencies.

                                    ENJOY  YOUR TRIP AND TAKE THE MOST OF IT !!!!!!


17 marzo 2017

St.Patrick´s day

Hoy 17 de marzo hemos celebrado en la clase de Practical English de 5º A , la festividad del día de San Patricio.Hemos visto un vídeo de la cultura irlandesa y a continuación, cada alumno ha decorado el símbolo de Irlanda, el conocido "shamrock" ( trébol) con los colores de su bandera: verde, blanco y naranja. Lo han hecho fenomenal.

15 marzo 2017

4th step ........London is much closer now!!!

A checkpoint of 50 essential questions about London.
Just to test their knowledge after they have been working on the project.
Previously to the test, the students were given the questionaire and time enough to surf the net and get the answers.

3rd step towards the final outcome

      Working in the school library.The students make their own decisions about the final outcome.

Students search, contrast, investigate and select information in order to get  all the answers that will lead to the final product.

15 febrero 2017

London is closer !!!!!

                 2nd step into our project:

Why have we chosen this topic? The reason is simple:Our trip at the end of the academic year.
London is the specific interest of all students.
And this is the driving question: How much do we know about this amazing city?

Here we are in the computer room....exploring and investigating...learning skills that are crucial for the driving question.